WSU may contact a broker to find Lourdes Hall | for sale news



Lourdes Hall on the former West Campus of Winona State University (WSU) is still on the market.

WSU announced in the summer of 2021 that it was selling its three west campus buildings, including the Tau Center, Maria Hall, and Lourdes Hall. The university expressed hopes of having all housing on the main campus, providing students with more modern housing, allowing students to walk to classes, events, and resources such as a main campus wellness center, and saving money by they don’t operate the West or maintain campus buildings.

While Lourdes Hall remains on the market, Cotter Schools agreed to purchase Tau Center and Maria Hall in spring 2022 for their estimated values ​​of $3.15 million and $1.8 million, respectively.

Lourdes Hall is on the market for its estimated worth of $3.25 million, according to a statement from Scott Ellinghuysen, vice president of finance and administration.

“Several parties have expressed interest and/or viewed the property and the university is still accepting offers,” the statement said.

“If a sale process is not in progress by December 1, 2022, the university will likely list the property for sale through a broker or agent,” the statement said.

WSU did not respond to written questions about the reasons for the deadline or whether it would consider bids below the building’s appraised value if the university lists the facility with a broker or agent. Ellinghuysen said in a March interview: “Now this is the next phase where it can technically be offered for less than the estimated value.”

According to the statement, those interested can contact James Goblirsch, associate vice president for facilities management, at [email protected] or 507-457-5039.

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