Utah developer plans residential project in Broomfield



Salt Lake City-based Wasatch Residential Group plans to build a 300-unit residential project in Broomfield near the corner of West 120th Avenue and North Perry Street.

The project, the concept of which was reviewed by Broomfield City Council this week, would include 290 apartments and 10 townhouses on just over 15 acres.

The community known as Avenue 120 also includes 5,000 square feet of retail space for which a tenant has yet to be identified, according to Broomfield planning documents.

During a public comment session at the Broomfield City Council meeting this week, concerns were raised by local residents focusing on wildlife evictions, building heights, lack of notifications for neighbors, traffic and additional costs for taxpayers to provide urban services to the new Neighborhood.

“I don’t find that convincing enough at this point,” said Broomfield Alderman Austin Ward.

Wasatch’s current plan does not include an affordable housing element, although the location is “quite conducive to affordable housing,” said Councilor Todd Cohen.

The regulatory approval process is at an early stage and development plans are subject to further review by the council before building permits can be granted.

“We appreciate this process,” said Adam Lankford, Wasatch vice president of development. “Many municipalities and counties do not have such a process where property owners can come before the advice and get feedback.”

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