The proposal for the West End Mall includes plans for apartments and townhouses



Part of the West End Mall in Halifax could be remodeled with a mix of townhouses, up to 15 residential towers and a new transportation hub.

Commercial real estate company Cushman Wakefield has asked the Halifax Regional Council to approve a master plan process for what is known as the Halifax Shopping Center Annex. It is between Mumford Road and the CN Rail Line.

The proposal envisages demolishing some of the existing commercial buildings, creating new public roads and building 5,500 residential units for 12,500 people.

That’s way denser than the Shannon Park redevelopment plan in Dartmouth, according to a new report – 86,700 people per square kilometer versus 20,000 per square kilometer.

Some of the proposed towers are up to 25 stories high.

The Mumford transit terminal is located in the redevelopment area.

The first phase of the West End Mall redevelopment proposal. (JKO planning services)

Municipal employees are looking for an upgraded and expanded transport hub near the existing location. The developers have proposed an underground terminal, but this option has not yet been evaluated by the planners.

The report also suggests that the proposal does not have enough green space and that the redevelopment should include the construction of quality parks.

The Halifax Regional Council will consider the proposal on Tuesday.

If it agrees to initiate a master plan process, a public consultation would be required.

The second phase of the West End Mall redevelopment proposal. (JKO planning services)




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