The eyesore public housing complex in New Britain could be demolished


NEW UK – The local housing authority is preparing to submit an application to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to rehabilitate two public housing units.

Mount Pleasant, a 188-unit complex, and Bond Street, a gated community for older adults, could be demolished and rebuilt as HUD adoption progresses.

“We are aiming for a full demolition and rebuild,” said John Hamilton, chief executive of the New Britain Housing Authority.

Hamilton said the housing authority is meeting with residents to update them on the plans and the housing authority board will hear the proposal on Oct. 19.

“We hope to have an application submitted by the end of the month,” Hamilton said.

Mount Pleasant is the oldest of the New Britain Housing Authority’s seven properties. First occupied in 1941, it is located at the opening of the Myrtle Street corridor in New Britain.

In a May letter to the Chair of the Board of Commissions, New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart expressed her support for the redevelopment, calling it “long overdue”.

“Future developments in the Myrtle Street corridor planned over the next five years will make Mount Pleasant the eyesore of the neighborhood, something we cannot stand for,” Stewart wrote in the letter.

Mount Pleasant has a history in New Britain. In 1996, police arrested 15 people at the property who were using the residence as a location for a gang.

“The quality of the units at Mount Pleasant shows us the urgent need to invest in residential infrastructure,” Stewart wrote in the letter. “With this project, the quality of life of Wohnscheck owners can be significantly improved.”

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