The city discusses the Pacesetter building and the town hall roof


McMinnville officials could find themselves on prime commercial property on Magness Drive once that street joins the Highway 70S bypass. The interest has already started.

The city’s building and land committee will meet on Tuesday, January 11th at 5:00 p.m. Officials will discuss two business topics: 1) an application to rent the Pacesetter building and 2) discussions about leaks on the roof of the town hall.

“We had planned to wait until the construction work on the Magness Drive intersection project was completed in order to do everything with the property at the suggestion of TDOT,” said city administrator Nolan Ming in a written correspondence with committee members. “I was contacted by a private company keen to rent the property out as soon as possible and the upcoming construction project didn’t put them off. They said they could start leasing now or wait for the Magness Drive project to be completed. “

Ming said he had reached out to TDOT regarding any “concerns” regarding the city’s renting of the building prior to completion of the project and none were raised.

“Their only concern was that we would lease the land,” Ming said.

TDOT plans to extend Magness Drive and connect it to the Highway 70S bypass at a red light intersection. During their efforts to secure the required right of way property, for which the City of McMinnville pays half that cost, city officials decided to purchase the entire Pacesetter property.

When contacted by Southern Standard, Ming declined to disclose the private company’s name.

He said, “It’s a shipping company and I’m not sure whether we should publish your name now or not. I think the main question we are considering is whether or not we are considering the option at all. “

As for the roof of McMinnville City Hall, committee members will discuss approving the promotion of repair offers.

“The roof has leaked enough lately to cause a short circuit in the false ceiling in the southeast office, resulting in smoke and a call to the fire department.”

said Ming. “This week the roof is leaking again in the same area, damaging several ceiling tiles and lights. We had to cut the power and vacate the office. “

The committee meetings take place in the meeting room of the town hall on the second floor.

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