Successful in TikTok’s untapped market


To stay one step ahead of the real estate market, real estate agents must constantly find new and creative ways to market their homes for sale. The property partner of the Perth agency, Corey Adamson, does just that – but via TikTok.

The social media platform, which consists of short videos with a notoriously teen-dominated audience, has now taken into account various home sales and reviews for Mr. Adamson, who originally used the platform to document his run.

Mr Adamson said he coined the idea of ​​opening a real estate-based TikTok account almost two years ago, when the platform was new, after hearing about its potential on a U.S. podcast.

“I found that there was a small niche in real estate,” he said. “A lot of people ask me questions, want to see houses and how much they are worth – especially in Western Australia – and it has kind of started since then.”

Adamson’s TikTok account @coreytherealestateagent now has more than 15,000 followers and over 230,000 likes, with some videos reaching nearly 400,000 views. His account has been hugely popular with his audience, but surprisingly, he’s still one of the few real estate agents to use the platform.

Camera iconA still from one of Mr. Adamson’s videos. Credit: Delivered.

“I think I was more surprised that a lot of older people secretly have TikTok accounts, whether they’re 40, 50, 60 and older. I see them open at home and they tell me that they saw my TikToks. “

Mr Adamson said the hassle-free nature of the app meant he could record video from his phone while the house was being photographed or answer questions asked by users between appointments.

“The main types of videos I make are, ‘What buys a certain amount of money – be it $ 500,000 or $ 3 million – in WA,’ and I’m showing a tour of the house,” he said.

“People seem to have a lot of questions for realtors, whether they want to become a realtor, buy or sell a home. They just want information, so I’ll post a post asking what homebuyers should look out for first, and then I’ll respond in a video telling them about structural flaws and things like that; it seems to have been very well received. “

Surprised by the online interest in Perth real estate, Adamson said its content helps showcase the variety of real estate available.

“It surprises people, especially in Perth,” he said. “We sell quite a lot along the coast and downtown, and I’ve brought out these properties, whether it’s a character house or one with a great view, and people don’t think Perth has these types of houses, so it’s a kind of eye opening.

“I’ve now seen a shift where I got called in for a couple of reviews because the kids were telling their parents, ‘Oh, you gotta bring Corey in, I saw him on TikTok,’ and that’s a shift I probably want in the past two months. “

Mr. Adamson, a former West Coast Eagles and Perth Heat player, said he expected more Perth real estate agents to jump on board sooner rather than later thanks to the simplicity of the app.

“I’ve told each of my friends in the real estate industry to join in,” he said. “Some people will do it for a while and not get a lot of traction and just stop.

“I think in a few years everyone will be there, and people will just wish they had started earlier. So I don’t doubt that everyone will migrate there, it’s just a matter of time. “


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