San Ramon: Planning Commission Is Considering Bringing City Village Housing Project to Council | news


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Artist’s impression of Morgan’s Homes Design. (Image courtesy of the City of San Ramon)

* The Commission will discuss a concept review of Morgan’s Home’s proposed 82-unit townhouse project.

Proposed site layout for Morgan’s Homes. (Image courtesy of the City of San Ramon)

The project is proposed on land that used to be masonry on San Ramon Valley Boulevard and Omega Road, near the San Ramon Square shopping mall. It would include 14 three-story buildings with units of three to four bedrooms and more.

The Commission is considering adopting revisions to the initial proposal of the proposed project and will seek a public opinion on the project prior to formally considering the application.

* The commissioners will also conduct a concept review for the proposed Trumark Homes townhouse project.

Artist’s impression of the design of Trumark Homes. (Image courtesy of the City of San Ramon)

The second townhome study session on Tuesday will look at a planned 53-unit project on Deerwood Drive opposite the police and fire department. There is currently an office building on the property that would be demolished if the project were to continue.

Proposed location and layout for the Trumark Homes project. (Image courtesy of the City of San Ramon)

A key point of discussion is reviewing the initial density calculation in relation to the area to account for additional vacant land, including a creek. City officials will also be looking into other matters related to the Creek area and the project’s current failure to meet fire department access standards for dead-end streets.

The Commission will also provide and seek input on other issues related to the project concept, including its layout and architectural design.


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