Proposed Open Space Zoning Updates to be submitted to the Asheville Planning & Zoning Commission this week


Asheville City’s Department of Planning and Urban Design is bringing development-related zoning updates to the Planning and building commission at 5pm on January 5th and then to the City Council in February. The updates relate to the city Development Code Section 7-11-4, the open space standards.

The Open Space Standards require that certain development projects provide open space to support a liveable city by providing locations that can serve a variety of purposes, including promoting an environmental ethic by creating comfortable, welcoming and accessible spaces, that provide refuge and recreation and contemplation in the open air. These open spaces can be hardscape areas with seating and tables or mostly undisturbed natural locations. In contrast to public parks, which are publicly owned, open spaces created by development projects are located on private land and may only be accessible to residents or employees of a specific property. Examples of open spaces are given below.

As part of the planned zoning, the city still needs open space for both residential and commercial properties. Residential projects that build eight or more residential units and most commercial projects need open space.

To learn more about the suggested code updates, check out this 14 minute video or visit the project website at


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