Property tax returns go out this week


RELEASED: October 13, 2022

Clatsop County taxpayers will start receiving their property tax returns in the mail or email starting this week.

This year’s wealth tax returns make up a nationwide total of $103,383,521.19, serving county government services (public safety, road improvements, elections, public health), city services (police, fire protection, urban renewal projects), education (K-12, Clatsop Community College, NW ESD), Port of Astoria and Rural Fire, and others special districts. That’s an increase of $4,559,351.84 (+4.61%) compared to the previous year.

The increase in taxes is due to several factors, including the 3 percent increase in the appraised value of most properties, the value due to new construction activity, and new or increased taxing county levies and bonds.

Tax payments are due until November 15, 2022 to receive the 3 percent discount.

If you live in a tax district that has new voter-approved bonds or local option levies, your property taxes may rise more than the expected 3 percent.

Knappa taxpayers will see an increase in school taxes as a result of the $14 million loan measure for school improvements passed in November 2021. Additionally, the Knappa Rural Fire Protection District has a new local option of $0.7167 per $1,000 appraised value.


While receiving your property tax certificate in October 2022, it is important to remember that the real market value of your property is based on market conditions as of January 1st, 2022. Sales that took place between January 1st, 2021 and January 1st, 2022 were analyzed to determine the value of your property as of January 1st, 2022. Check out the snapshot below, which details what the year-to-date average property tax values ​​will look like.


Owners who have questions or are unhappy with the real market value of their property are encouraged to contact the appraiser’s office and request a review before filing an appeal. If necessary, appointments for personal meetings can be arranged. If the property owner still disagrees with the value after completing the verification, instructions for filing an appeal with the local Board of Property Tax Appeals can be found on the back of the tax assessment notice and on the Clerk’s Office website at: https://www.

Informative 3-5 minute videos on how to appraise your property, how actual market value is determined and how appraised value is calculated are available at: page/assessment-taxation informational videos


Taxes are due November 15, 2022. Payments can be sent by post or paid online at Note: Processing fees apply; see website for details.

You can also leave your check or money order at the drive-up drop box on the corner of Exchange and 9th Streets in Astoria in front of our Public Services building.


Current publicly available property tax and assessment information, including digital copies of property tax returns, can be found and downloaded from the Clatsop County Property Information page on their website. An address or a property tax account number is all that is required to look up real estate information. Go to and click “Ownership Information” link to learn more.

Information on the property tax value 2022/23

  • Average home ownership True market value nationwide the increase is 30%.
  • Some areas are higher, like Arch Cape and Cannon Beach:
    • Arch Cape: 69% average increase for lots with apartments (no vacant lots)
    • Cannon Beach: 40% average increase for lots with apartments (no vacant lots)
  • Some areas are lower:
    • Hammond: 19% average increase for properties with apartments (no vacant lots)
    • Clatsop Plains/Rural Warrenton: 25% average increase for lots with residential buildings (no vacant land)
  • Astoria: 28% average increase for lots containing apartments (not vacant lots).
  • Knappa/Svensen: 26% average increase in plots with apartments (no vacant plots).
  • The numbers above are averages and it’s important to know that Plots and structures are developed separately. Land with a land value that is higher than the value for buildings, will have a different overall percentage increase as land with a land value lower than the value for buildings.
  • Average real market value of residential real estate
    • 2021: $358,513
    • 2022: $469,843
    • 31% increase in value

REMEMBER – your property taxes are based on that Estimated value Your property, which is usually limited to a maximum of 3 percent annual increase.


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