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The Waunakee Village Hall could move sooner or later.

At the village board meeting on July 19, the trustees learned that funds may be available to remodel the former South Street library and move the village house there before the existing village house is sold.

The board had planned to sell the 500 W. Main St. building, a prime, visible location for a commercial property. But while interest in commercial and office use “has shifted in the midst of the pandemic and now post-pandemic,” village administrator Todd Schmidt said the board could use $ 500,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act to help fund the valued remodeling and construction Partially fund relocation from $ 1 million to $ 1.2 million.

A senior tenant tenant recently announced an interest in buying a village property, Country View Apartments on Reeve Drive. Until that sale, an additional $ 500,000 could be available for the Village Hall project, with the remainder of the funding coming from unallocated fund credits. The board of directors met in a closed session on Monday to also discuss the sale of the Reeve Drive property.

The ARPA spending proposal was just one of several presented to the board on Monday under which Schmidt requested conceptual approval, with only the direction of the board to be followed up.

Schmidt got others for immediate approval, which resulted in $ 548,486 being spent.

Spending includes $ 60,000 for the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection and $ 19,700 for the Waunakee Food Pantry to help the nonprofits hardest hit by the pandemic. Board members said that when they approved the spending, they would also encourage other communities whose residents are served by these organizations to contribute some of their ARPA funding.

Most of the ARPA spending will be on equipment, including an audiovisual system to facilitate meetings for residents who can attend remotely or in person. Village Administrator Todd Schmidt said the lead time for the $ 150,000 system is four to six months, so that the system can be installed in the former library building on South Street, which Village Hall is expected to move to.

Other large expenditures are being made on public works equipment, including a $ 110,000 dump truck chassis and $ 69,000 on a tracked weed control machine in retention basins. Public Works Director Bill Frederick said the chassis is expected to be included in the 2022 budget. Due to back orders, it would not have arrived until 2023. If the purchase is now approved, delivery will be expedited, Frederick said, adding that the truck is in “pretty rough shape” for plowing.

Other expenses will be on air purifiers in the Waunakee Village Center, a balcony awning in the Senior Center to accommodate al fresco dining, and common room upgrades in the library.

The board members asked for more information about a large tent and chairs that were requested for the outdoor program in the library.

The board also looked for more details on a $ 50,000 regional advertising campaign to support local businesses. Schmidt said funds could be used on billboards and print media to help media like Madison Magazine and the Wisconsin State Journal “tell our story”.

“I recommend that we run a campaign to do an intense commercial flash, partly because we have a good story to tell in Waunakee, and I think when the public goes back there will be a lot of good things to say see in Waunakee like never before, ”said Schmidt.

Trustee Nila Frye asked if there was any way to keep track of what was being spent in the village as a result of the campaign.

Trustee Erin Moran asked if the village would sign a contract with a company to track return on investment.

“For $ 50,000, I would like full details of how it would be done, what the area would be done,” said Frye.

Funding was approved to replenish the $ 7,360 room tax payment to the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce and to provide $ 47,026 for lost village center revenue when the program was canceled during the pandemic.

After much discussion, the board also approved the village administrator’s approval of $ 25,000 for one-time expenses of up to $ 5,000 per expense for departments. Employees must provide the board with a report detailing these expenses.

Other projects that receive conceptual approval are:

– A room worth $ 20,000 would need a study for the Waunakee Police Department and $ 30,000 for the relay room remodeling.

– $ 50,000 to improve cybersecurity and $ 10,000 to provide mental health training for staff.

The village will have a remainder of $ 254,817 in ARPA funding.

Also at the meeting on Monday, the Board of Directors:

– Learn more about a Ho-Chunk Nation Land Acknowledgment and the result of working with the UniverCity project on projects to be pursued.

-approved a guideline for the flying of commemorative flags.

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