Princeton Identity Releases Biometrics in Commercial Real Estate: Putting Possibilities in Practice White Paper


HAMILTON CITY, NJ, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Princeton Identity (PI), a leading developer of iris and facial biometric identity solutions, has released a white paper entitled “Biometrics in Commercial Real Estate: Putting Possibilities in Practice.” This collaboration between co-authors Bobby VarmaCEO and co-founder of Princeton Identity, and Paul Benne, PSP, CPOI, President and Founder of Sentinel Consulting, explores the many ways biometric identity solutions can contribute to a superior experience for commercial tenants and their visitors. Benne’s firm, which provides risk assessment, security masterplanning, technical and architectural security design, operations and training, counts many of the country’s most prestigious and well-known commercial properties among its clients.

The white paper covers various topics of interest to real estate developers and management companies. These include: building public trust in the technology, best practices for implementation, choosing an appropriate modality, prioritizing applications, and considering integration with various solutions including access control, video surveillance, and visitor management. As employers struggle to make return-to-the-office policies more palatable to workers, they are looking for ways to create buildings that feel safer and more welcoming. The integration of biometrics into a range of security and operational applications enables stakeholders to provide state-of-the-art security, efficiency, automation and convenience.

“Forward-thinking members of the commercial real estate sector are envisioning ways to improve the user experience, but are unaware of the many ways biometrics can help achieve their goals. Paul and I hope that this white paper will answer some of their questions, demystify certain misconceptions and plant some seeds regarding the possibilities the technology offers,” said Bobby VarmaCEO of Princeton Identity.

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About Princeton Identity:

Princeton Identity offers the fastest, easiest and most secure biometric security system on the market. Leading the revolution toward a more intuitive, efficient, and natural security experience that keeps people and businesses moving, Princeton Identity uses iris recognition, facial recognition, and other biometric technologies to enable businesses, governments, and global organizations to streamline identity management for improved security and protection . Formerly a division of SRI International, Princeton Identity was incorporated as an independent company August 2016. Visit for more information

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