OHIO Lancaster runs a free series of financial literacy seminars


Ohio University Lancaster will host a series of seminars on financial literacy beginning October 7th. The series is sponsored by the Park National Bank, Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan, and the Standing Stone Bank. Participation in these educational seminars is free and open to the public.

“I am thrilled that Ohio University Lancaster has partnered with Park National Bank and Fairfield Federal and Standing Stone Bank,” said Jarrod Tudor, dean of campus and community relations for OHIO Lancaster. “As part of our commitment to the community, we strive to offer valuable resources that go beyond our academic programs. We welcome the community to take advantage of these free learning opportunities. “

The financial literacy seminar series will cover a wide range of topics. Park National Bank will teach you how to start a small business, the basics of budgeting, retirement planning, and investing in stocks. Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan will share their expertise in home buying and selling, mortgage types, and banking careers. Standing Stone Bank will hold a seminar on consumer credit.

“This program is an exciting educational opportunity for our community that will help participants build solid foundations for their future financial success,” said Mary Snider, President and CEO of Fairfield Federal Savings and Loan. “As a banker, I often advise clients to help them improve their creditworthiness or overall financial health. This program is a perfect complement to our mission at Fairfield Federal to promote thrift and home ownership. “

Park National Bank regional president Laura Tussing said she looks forward to working with OHIO Lancaster on the series. “Park is a strong believer in the importance of financial literacy and provides our community members with the tools to achieve their financial goals. We are proud to be part of it. “

“At Standing Stone Bank, we work with our clients every day to help them achieve financial success,” said Jeffrey Beard, President and CEO of Standing Stone Bank. “Our partnership with Ohio University Lancaster enables us to advance our work in our community on this important issue.”

The seminars take place at 6 p.m. in the Brasee room, room BH419. Catering is provided. A full listing of the programming can be found below.

Oct 7 – Student Loans

Information on student loan programs and loan options; Effects of deferrals on the credit balance; Loan payment calculations and repayment terms; and Pell Scholarships and Fellowships.

October 21 – Mortgage Math (Fairfield Federal Savings and Loans)

Most of the people who buy a home today don’t have enough cash to pay the full purchase price. In this course, students will learn about the types of mortgage loans commonly available, the mortgage loan review process, and the breakdown of a mortgage loan payment including trust agreements. Participants will review an actual mortgage document and learn what its purpose is.

November 4 – Fairfield Federal Savings and Loans – Buying and Selling a Home

Homeownership is still the American dream for most of us. This course provides a detailed insight into the buying and selling process of homes, starting with the pre-approval of mortgage loans, the marketing of residential real estate and the involvement of real estate agents, listing contracts, sales contracts, inspections, real estate appraisals, title searches, title insurance and general guarantee documents, deposits, Closures and closure costs.

Nov 18 – Retirement, Estate Planning, and Retirement Plans (Park National Bank)

You’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.” Planning is a key element to financial health, be it your retirement or your inheritance. In this course, we’re going to cover the details of planning for retirement and the different types of accounts that will get you there, including retirement plans. We’ll also cover an often overlooked element of financial well-being, estate planning.

*Investment products are not FDIC-insured, not bank-guaranteed and can lose value.

Dec 2 – Stock Investing, Mutual Fund Investing, and Cryptocurrency (Park National Bank)

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of investing, it can be daunting to get started. The different terms and approaches can sound confusing and can even prevent people from investing in the first place.

In this course, we’re going to break down some of the basic fundamentals and terms of investing so that you can more confidently understand what happens to your money when you invest. Even if you are familiar with a few basic terms, a refresher in the ever-changing world of investing can always help.

*Investment products are not FDIC-insured, not bank-guaranteed and can lose value.

December 16 Consumer goods purchases and consumer loans (credit cards, etc.) (Standing Stone Bank)

In this seminar we will discuss the different forms of consumer credit, when it makes sense to use each option, and how to effectively manage this form of finance.

January 13 – Budgeting Basics (Park National Bank)

It’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending week after week, especially if you spend on the fly. Budgeting is a great way to stay within your means, make sure you meet your needs, and give yourself room for your future.

Let’s talk about the basics of budgeting so you can plan your financial journey, set goals, and begin your path to financial success.

January 27 – Career in Banking (First Federal Savings and Loans)

You don’t just have to be good at math to have a rewarding career in banking. A panel of local bankers will discuss their own career paths and the many career opportunities in the banking industry, such as mortgage and consumer credit, branch management, human resources, compliance, internal auditing, information technology and marketing.

February 10 – Small Business Creation (Park National Bank)

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but how does a great idea turn into a small business? In this course we will talk about the process of starting a small business and discuss the requirements of a small business loan application from a banker’s perspective.


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