Nonprofit Proposes $50M Low-Cost Housing Project on Industrial Site Near Truax Field on North Side | local government


“Our conversations so far with residents, businesses and organizations in this neighborhood have confirmed the need for a project like this in this location,” she said.

But City Council President Syed Abbas, 12th Ward, who represents the site, has expressed concern about the placement of low-cost housing in an area within the 65-decibel limit of the F-35 fighter jet noise map, which is considered too noisy for residential development without significant soundproofing, and said the city should wait until the jets are here and studies are conducted before approving such a project.

“It’s important for our city to decide,” he said. “Do we want people of color and marginalized communities in these areas?”

An early concept of Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp’s proposed $50 million affordable housing project, viewed from Hawthorne Elementary School towards the corner of East Washington Avenue and North Fair Oaks Avenue.

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Abbas, who has not taken a formal position on the WHPC’s proposal, has scheduled an online neighborhood meeting for February 3 at 6 p.m.

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Initial concepts call for about 250 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, including some townhouse-style units, and about 300 surface and underground parking spaces, Wright said. The nonprofit is also considering plans to include some commercial and residential service space.


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