New service that combines food delivery with property appraisal


When you order a luxury meal from Volup, you now get access to a market study that allows you to know how much a particular property is worth.

According to a report by ECO, anyone who orders a meal through the premium platform Volup can receive a valuation of a property of their choice over the next two months. Designed by Portugal Sotheby’s International, the campaign allows Volup’s customers to receive a QR code that gives them access to a personalized market study.

The process is simple. When ordering a meal in one of the luxury restaurants registered with Volup, the customer receives a QR code with which they can find out the value of a property, explains Sotheby’s.

The campaign, Find out how much your property is worth in 30 seconds, also offers meal delivery fees to the first 100 customers who use the coupon.

“We want to present and demonstrate to our current and potential clients that we have a unique and innovative technology on the market that gives access to fast and complete statistical analysis,” says Miguel Poisson, CEO of Portugal Sotheby’s Realty.

Volup was founded in December 2020 and started operations in Portugal in 2021. It is currently present in Porto, Lisbon and Cascais and includes 77 luxury restaurants including Estoril Mandarim which has just been added to the portfolio.


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