Melissa Olson is not seeking re-election to Waxahachie City Council


Melissa Olson has announced that she will not be re-elected to the Waxahachie City Council in May.

Olson was elected as a member of the Grand Council in 2018 and successfully ran for third place in 2020.

“I’ve decided to spend more time with my family,” said Olson. “Two terms are enough. I’m not a politician and I just want to give someone else a chance to run for office. “

Olson said that while she didn’t get everything she wanted as a councilor, she was happy to be part of a council that cut the tax rate from 68 cents per $ 100 valuation to 66 cents in 2020.

“That’s what we set out to do,” said Olson. “If real estate valuations go up and the tax rate stays the same, it’s actually a tax hike.”

In September, Olson became the only council member to vote against the motion to keep the tax rate at the same level as it was in fiscal 2020-21, saying she would like it to be closer to the new tax rate. Then she encouraged the city not to propose any new income for the next year.

Olson said she was also delighted to have helped residents become more involved with the city.

“We now have better communication between the city and residents, and any increase in communication is a good thing,” said Olson. “So I’m glad I helped.”

But Olson said there was more to be done.

“I encourage the city to have more live streaming, especially from the city council meetings,” said Olson. “There is so much information in these briefings that is not shared with residents.”

Olson said she will serve the remainder of her term, which expires in May.

On May 7th, 3rd place as well as 1st and 2nd place in the city will be chosen. Seat 1 is held by David Hill and Seat 2 is held by Mayor Doug Barnes.

The submission deadline for the City Council starts on January 19th and ends on February 18th at 5 p.m. Early voting runs from April 25th to May 3rd.


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