Massive ranch in Texas with 26 miles of riverside is expected to hit the market in 2021, but the selling price is still a mystery


HUTCHINSON COUNTY, Texas – A huge Texas ranch is slated to hit the market this year, but the selling price is still a mystery.

The Turkey Track Ranch is an 80,000-acre ranch in the Panhandle that features a 42 km long Candian River facade and is available for sale for the first time in more than a century.

How much the ranch could cost a potential buyer is not yet known, however, as representatives from Icon Global, which lists the massive ranch, refused to provide a public listing price. A call to the Hutchinson County Appraisal District was not returned immediately and the ranch is not listed on the Appraisal District website.

The ranch could raise up to $ 200 million, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Turkey Track is one of several giant Texas ranches that have hit the market in recent years. Brewster Ranches, a 420,000-acre ranch on the north side of Big Bend National Park, was listed at $ 320 million as recently as September 2020.


Turkey track ranch photo. (Turkey Track Ranch)

At the time, Brewster Ranches was the largest property in the Texan market since the 520,000-acre WT Wagoner Ranch was sold in 2016, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The legendary Four Sixes Ranch was launched late last year for $ 341 million and is one of the largest ranches in Texas at around 266,255 acres.

One of the main attractions of the Turkey Track Ranch is the 26 mile long Canadian river front, which could significantly increase the ranch’s selling price. For comparison, a 0.2 acre lot for sale in Seguin, just 40 minutes outside of downtown San Antonio, is 30 meters on the Guadalupe River and is currently selling for $ 114,777.


“With the increasing number and geographic distance of our families, we realize it is time to find a new manager for this historic operation,” the families said in a statement. “The ranch has and will not only preserve the monuments, memories and legacies of our now intergenerational families, but also occupy a very important place in the well-documented chapters of the early history of Texas and the United States.”

The ranch has a rich history and is home to two famous battles – the Adobe Walls of 1864 and 1874, according to the Icon Global website. In 1941, a memorial dedicated to the Indians who fought and died in the battle of 1874 was erected on the property .

In 2016 the ranch won the Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Environmental Stewardship Award. Then-President of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Pete Bonds, said, “Turkey Track has an excellent track record for its environmental protection practices, water management programs and excellent grass diversity.”


Bernard Uechtritz of Icon Global Group in Dallas has the listing.

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