Marlboro School Board introduces $94.5 million budget for 2022-23


MARLBORO — Five members of the nine-member Marlboro K-8 School District Education Committee have voted to introduce a $94.57 million budget to support the school district’s operations in the 2022-23 school year.

The budget was introduced by a 5-3 vote during a March 22 session. CEO Randy Heller, Vice President Tricia Branch, Jessica Piernik, Susan Shrem and Jill Strafaci voted yes to a motion to introduce the budget.

Board members Aldo Patruno, Kathleen Amster and Christina Russotto voted “no” to the motion to introduce the budget.

Board member Jennifer Silacci was absent from the meeting.

The preliminary budget will now be submitted to the district school inspectorate for approval. The Executive County Superintendent of Schools is a division of the New Jersey Department of Education.

A public hearing on the 2022-23 budget is scheduled for April 26 at 7:00 p.m. at Marlboro Memorial Middle School. The board members can approve the budget after the public hearing.

According to the board, the $94.57 million budget will be supported by collecting $80.14 million in taxes from Marlboro residential and commercial property owners.

According to information from the New Jersey Department of Education, Marlboro’s state aid will decrease from $8.62 million in the 2021-22 school year to $7.71 million in the 2022-23 school year.

The board’s March 22 agenda, which included the overall allocations and tax levy for the upcoming school year, did not include information on how the proposed budget will affect local property taxes.

The school district’s 2021-22 budget totals $93.38 million and is supported by $79.2 million in taxes collected from Marlboro residential and commercial property owners.

For 2021-22, Marlboro’s K-8 school tax rate was projected at $1,088 per $100 of estimated appraisal. The average home in the community was valued at $494,783. The owner of this home paid approximately $5,382 in K-8 school taxes (1,088 x 4,947).

In addition to K-8 school taxes, property owners also pay Marlboro township taxes, Freehold Regional High School District taxes, and Monmouth County taxes.

The total amount an individual pays in taxes is determined by the estimated value of their home and/or property and the tax rate set by each taxing authority.

The Marlboro School District consists of Asher Holmes Elementary School, Robertsville Elementary School, Marlboro Elementary School, Frank J. Dugan Elementary School, Defino Central Elementary School, David C. Abbott Early Learning Center, Marlboro Middle School and the Marlboro Memorial Middle School. The schools have a total enrollment of about 4,500 students.


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