Mall owner pays taxpayers money to the county | Local news


JEFFERSON – The Ashtabula County Treasurer’s office received full payment of nearly $ 200,000 in unpaid taxes on packages owned by Ashtabula Mall Reality Holding, LLC on Friday.

Mike Kohan, who bought Ashtabula Towne Square Mall for $ 10.2 million in February 2020, is the man behind Ashtabula Mall Realty. When Kohan bought the mall in 2019, the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office added many buildings such as Tractor Supply, Bob Evans, Office Max, and the remote commercial lot.

Since then, Kohan has been late in paying his taxes, said Angie Maki-Cliff, treasurer of Ashtabula County.

“The accounting department spoke to Kohan yesterday after receiving a payment of $ 124,203,” she said. “I went through all of the packages with him and then sent an email with tax statements for all packages that were paid and overdue.”

Maki-Cliff told Kohan that the remaining balance of the overdue payment would have to be transferred to her office before noon on Sept. 24 to avoid the parcels being certified as overdue by the inspector and subject to foreclosure.

Late Friday morning, the treasurer’s office received another e-check from Ashtabula Mall Realty Holding, LLC for $ 66,880.

“Many of us are surprised but very happy,” she said. “Many of the tenants have put a lot of money and passion into the building.”

Kohan’s new balance is less than $ 10, which could be a typo or mistake when entering the e-check, Maki-Cliff said.

Ashtabula County’s auditor David Thomas said he was glad Kohan paid his taxes.

“I look forward to the mall’s success and continued payment for its future tax obligations,” he said.

Since purchasing the mall property, Kohan has sold several lots, including Burger King, Bob Evans, and Applebee’s.

Most recently, he sold the Office Max property to Rhino Holdings Ashtabula LLC, a for-profit company in Brooklyn, NY, for $ 1.1 million, according to auditor David Thomas.

Just last week, Harbor Freight paid $ 1.1 million for the 3.3-acre Office Max property. Harbor Freight plans to redesign Office Max and open it in late February or March, company officials said.


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