Junction renovation receives the green light | northwest


A major renovation of the intersection leading to Clarkston is in progress with final roundabout designs and the acquisition of right of way near Second, Bridge and Diagonal Streets.

Public Works Director Kevin Poole said three properties are subject to evaluation, but the price and availability of commercial evaluations have changed in recent months. A retired appraiser agreed to do the job for $ 20,000, Poole said Monday night, an increase of about $ 9,500.

“Since the initial agreement was signed, the cost of appraisals has increased dramatically due to the low availability of appraisers,” said Poole.

Clarkston City Council approved a supplementary agreement for the additional expenses 6-0.

Poole said the intersection has the highest accident rate in the city and the roundabout will drastically reduce those numbers. Around 20,000 vehicles use the gate to Clarkston every day.

The rights of way purchase required for the new roundabout is estimated at approximately $ 280,000, including appraisals, legal records and purchase prices, Poole said. Construction work on the busy intersection near the Interstate Bridge is scheduled to begin next year.

The council voted in favor of the Tri-State Memorial Hospital’s petition to evacuate Belmont Way and approved a draft resolution setting a public hearing on the matter. In addition, a petition to the city to waive sewer maintenance on the medical campus was given the go-ahead.

It was difficult to get large city trucks into some areas that needed servicing, Poole said, and the public safety committee recommended that the application be approved. “It gives the hospital more control and flexibility in developing its property.”

The Belmont Way was primarily used as an access road rather than a public road, Poole said.

Clarkston Police Department announced services for the homeless in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley before Gateway Park closed for construction.

Police Chief Joel Hastings said his officers visited the site daily last week to let people know they had to leave the park, which is across from Taco Time.

Two homeless people accepted Salvation Army vouchers for temporary hotel accommodation, and two others declined. People living there were also given a list of free meals, homeless programs and other information, Hastings said.

The city is about to give up its lease, which will be maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers as of February 23. The property must be returned in its original condition so any improvements such as a decorative windmill will need to be removed.

As part of the regular council meeting, a budget workshop will be held on November 22, followed by a public hearing. Residents interested in commenting on the 2022 budget can send emails through the city’s website or attend the hearing if a face-to-face meeting is approved by the mayor.

The 35th Lighted Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 4th at 4:30 pm in downtown Clarkston. The council gave the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce permission to hold the parade as part of the approval agenda.


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