Harrisonburg City Council hears several housing proposals


HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – Much of the conversation at the Harrisonburg City Council meeting Tuesday night revolved around development projects in the Friendly City.

The council heard requests for several projects in the city, including a request to rededicate part of an already approved project at 1051 & 1351 Peach Grove Avenue, which is on Port Republic Road near Food Lion.

The requirement was to rededicate the lower level from commercial use to more living space with a maximum of 460 beds and to rededicate the property from mixed use to residential.

Throughout the process, the project also changed from a mix of one, two and three bedrooms to 100 four bedrooms.

A representative for the applicant said he believed this was a college dorm as it mirrors another college housing development in the city. However, members of the council said they would have liked the idea to have been presented that way and that they would have to deal with affordable housing in the future.

“We can work with developers to tackle affordable housing, but that’s not their burden. And it is our burden to continue to drive the economic development of the City of Harrisonburg, and what makes Harrisonburg attractive is that it is a college town, ”said Councilor Chris Jones.

The Council finally voted in favor of amendments 3-2.

The council also heard a motion to rededicate the property at 601 Pear Street and get a special use permit for townhouses, which they thought was a good choice and both unanimously approved.

In addition, an application for row houses along Suterstrasse was granted.

At the meeting on Tuesday, discussions around the Heritage Oaks Golf Course continued.

The council heard a presentation on the report of the Technical Assistance Committee of the Urban Land Institute on the use of the golf course. Upon examining the golf course, the report found that it was helping to bring more people to the area. However, the report also indicated various options for the course, including maintaining and improving the golf course, mixing leisure and residential uses, or redeveloping it.

The council said it would like to hear more community input on the matter.

You can find out more about the meeting here.

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