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FOX LAKE – Food trucks are rolling into area towns, and Fox Lake may be no exception.

The Fox Lake City Council discussed the possibility Wednesday night at City Hall. Jose Taco’s owner has requested permission to settle in Fox Lake, leading to possible action.

City Manager Kelly Crombie summed it up: “I don’t think we have an ordinance that would allow me to say they are not allowed to enter the city at all.”

“So if there’s an interest in further regulating food trucks, you’d have to issue some regulation or some type of permitting process or conditional use or some other type of regulation that we don’t have on the books right now to address that issue,” he said Crombie.

The council had previously indicated that it would prefer not to allow food trucks on city properties such as parks or on city streets. The trucks might be able to park on private property if city permits could be obtained.

“I know the Legion at Karavan Trailer (a local manufacturer) makes lunch for them up there from time to time,” Ald said. John Mund. “They essentially make that happen, and the owners are very grateful for the fact that they can feed their employees without having to turn them away. I would think the food trucks would provide the same service.”

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“If they bring it in, you can’t stop it anyway,” Mayor Tom Bednarek said.

“We could still ask for a permit,” Crombie said. “Our regulations would be similar or identical to what the state requires.”

Crombie pointed out that there hadn’t been much demand from food truck suppliers and warned that local restaurants could object to the competition.

“I think if we allow it on city streets or on city lots, there’s going to be a lot of backlash,” Bednarek said, “and you can’t blame them.”

“I know for a fact that they park right on the main street in Fort Atkinson,” Ald said. Peter Hartzheim. “In many places, food trucks are legally parked on the street.”

Regarding special events, Crombie indicated that different rules apply.

An informal straw vote showed that all were in favor of pursuing some form of regulation. Crombie will start an approval process which the council will then consider.

An update on property revaluations was provided at a meeting of the Audit Committee, which preceded the Council and Committee of full meetings. Nathan Carlson, an appraiser at Grota Appraisals of Menomonee Falls, said notices will go out to property owners late next week, followed by an open book meeting and finally an appraisal committee meeting.

Details will be included in the notices.


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