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Mayor Robert Restaino published his city budget for Niagara Falls 2022 at the end of October.

On Tuesday, the city council went through a portion of the proposal that includes $ 1.65 million in increased spending and $ 18 million in capital projects. It was the second of three review sessions

The Council is not proposing any changes yet but is asking for clarifications on several budget lines.

As suggested, the spending plan will increase property taxes by 44 cents per $ 1,000 of appraised valuation for residential property (residential) and 68 per $ 1,000 for non-homestead (commercial).

The tax hike would add $ 44 to the bill for a $ 100,000 home and $ 68 for a similarly valued commercial property, bringing in about $ 645,000 in new income. The proposal also includes an expected increase in sales tax of $ 500,000.

Perhaps the longest discussion at the hearing was a circular – Restaino’s budget includes funding for five new firefighters. The cost of overtime is estimated at $ 1.4 million. Presented adding bodies to compensate, Restaino noted that even if all five were discontinued in February, there will be significant delays due to training.

“Those five openings are going to make a dent,” Restaino said, “but it’s not like parks or public works, they can’t just start.”

Soda asked whether it was worth replacing overtime, a variable cost factor, with more full-time firefighters at a fixed price.

“It looks like the overtime numbers are throwing darts at a board,” Soda said. “If I want to spend a dollar on overtime, I’d rather spend it on a firefighter.”

The budget deliberations will continue with a third and final review on Thursday 18 November at 4:15 p.m.

On Tuesday 30 November at 5 p.m. the Council will hold a hearing on the public budget, followed by a Council meeting to amend and adopt the budget.



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