Final commercial annexation of Perrysburg Heights completed


PERRYSBURG — The final commercial annexation of Perrysburg Heights is nearly complete with its integration into the city.

The property, dubbed the Taco Bell lot, was annexed by the city on Sept. 6, but the residential property has yet to be converted to commercial space. It is one step closer to completing that process after a public hearing on November 1, ahead of last week’s council meeting.

Mark Easterling, Assistant Administrator for the Department of Urban Planning and Zoning, presented the city’s proposal to City Council.

He called it the “final commercial annexation,” in line with the city’s zoning plan. The annexation and zoning was incorporated into the plan before it was completed.

Council President Jonathan Smith agreed with the description.

“This was the last lot to be incorporated into the city as a commercial zone by the Perrysburg Heights Community in Perrysburg Township under the Perrysburg Land Use Plan, which was approved earlier this year,” Smith said.

Land use plan meetings were filled with residents of Perrysburg Heights debating the city’s annexations of lands from the Heights. The council chamber was filled to the last seat that evening.

The lot is located to the east or behind the Taco Bell at 25 Ohio and 0 Gloria St. Land use is considered single family. It was part of a four-pack purchase made on January 11th.

Before zoning discussions were complete, the new owner, Stephen Fuzinski, had applied for city connection. Wood County Auditors’ map shows a portion of the property to be covered with asphalt and used as a parking lot.

The purpose of the public hearing was to hear public comments regarding the consideration of C-4 Highway Commercial’s assignment of permanent zoning for the 0.059 acre property.

C-4 Highway Commercial is defined as “Areas bordering major highways and used for all types of businesses, particularly those serving traveling motorists and customers throughout the community.”

Easterling noted that the lots to the west of the property are already designated as C-4 Highway Commercial. Lots to the east are residential and under the city’s zoning plan are to remain as part of Perrysburg Heights in the township of Perrysburg.

At the September 29 meeting of the Planning and Land Use Commission, a recommendation was made by a unanimous 7-0 vote to approve the allocation of permanent land use change. The November 1 public hearing was then scheduled and the recommendation approved. No questions or discussions followed.


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