Eagle County’s voters see a variety of ballots


This November elections will be held by mail and ballots will be mailed on October 8th.
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The composite autumn voice is much bigger than what you actually get in the mail next month.

Eagle County’s office of clerk and secretary last week released the collective ballot on his website. This means that every issue of the ballot is published for every jurisdiction.

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien said voters would actually receive an oversized standard ballot page with candidates and ballot papers on both sides. The voting slip you will receive will depend on your physical address.

All county voters are asked to make decisions on a handful of issues.

At the state level, voters are being asked to increase VAT on retail marijuana sales to fund educational programs. In addition, voters will be asked to reduce the residential property tax rate from the current 7.15% to 6.5%. The proposal would also lower the rate for other properties from the current 29% to 26.4%.

All Eagle County voters are requested to amend the current county commissioner term limits. Commissioners are currently limited to two terms of four years. Ballot Issue 1A would question commissioners for a third four-year term.


The cities of Vail and Avon also have voting questions.

Vail is asking voters to raise the city’s sales tax rate by 0.5% to fund housing programs.

Avon is demanding a 2% tax increase for short-term rentals.

Eagle and Vail are also holding city council elections this year.

Vail, which is entering the county’s coordinated election for the first time, has 10 candidates seeking four vacant seats on the city council. Eagle has nine candidates looking for four vacancies. Some voters in Eagle will also vote on a proposal to raise $ 27 million in debt to fund the city’s downtown development district.

Avon voters will decide whether or not Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes and Councilor Tamra Underwood are removed.

Eagle County Schools has a school principal election this year, with competitive elections in five of the seven principal districts. School board elections are similar to district commissioners in that members represent specific districts, but all school district voters make these decisions.

Mountain Recreation, which serves the valley from Edwards to Dotsero, is asking voters to raise property taxes to fund a $ 60 million improvement program.

School elections will also be held in the Roaring Fork and West Grand school districts this year, but voters in the Eagle River portion of the county will not see them.

O’Brien noted that a number of different ballot papers are sent to voters depending on where they live.

For example, Plaster voters will see the county, state, and mountain recreation ballots, as well as the school board votes for the Eagle County Schools.

Vail voters will see ballots for the Vail City Council along with the state, county, and city ballots.

That’s why it’s important to have correct voter registration information, O’Brien said. The voter registration must provide both a correct mailing address and a physical address. If you live in Edwards and receive mail in Avon, your voter registration must reflect this fact. Ballot papers cannot be forwarded to an address other than the address given in the voter registration.

The best way to review and change this information is through GoVoteColorado.gov Website.

How to vote

This is a postal vote and the ballot papers will be in the mail on October 8th. O’Brien said most ballots are being returned to the county mailbox.

“They’re convenient, safe and have video surveillance (24/7),” O’Brien.

This year there will be mailboxes in seven locations:

Outside the Vail Community Building.

Outside the Basalt Municipal Building.

Outside the town hall by plaster.

Outside Eagle County’s administrative offices in Eagle, Avon, and El Jebel.

Outside the Edwards Recreation Center.

The district will also have voter service centers in Eagle, Avon, El Jebel, and the Grand View Room on Vail’s Lionshead Parking Lot.


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