Developer Seeks Zoning Change for 376 Acres in Molino for Residential ‘Estates’:


A developer is proposing a large-scale zoning change for 376 acres in Molino for potential “housing” development.

The currently fully wooded and undeveloped lands are located on five lots along or near either Gibson Road or Crabtree Church Road in Molino. The parcels are owned by Thomas Henry of Thomas Homes in Cantonment.

“Current area growth suggests that another area of ​​less residential development would lie in the general development direction of the area,” the application reads. “The infrastructure is in place to support such a development pattern. Approval of the proposed future land use will expand the residential area and provide the necessary housing to accommodate the future projected population.”

The current agricultural zoning on the property is agricultural, allowing for a maximum residential density of one dwelling unit on every 20 hectares. Henry proposes a future land use change to agricultural housing that would allow a maximum of one dwelling for every 4 acres.

The bid states that site design is still ongoing, but Henry envisions a “sprawling rural housing development made up of large, acres-sized single-family homes.” The application documents state that there is adequate infrastructure, including road capacity and utilities, to support the dormitories.

Some of the properties are wetlands which may limit development. Documents state that much of the property is not “prime soil” for agriculture as defined by the USDA.

Prior to any future development, site plan reviews are required for all proposals to ensure compatibility with the environment.

The Escambia County Planning Board will hold a hearing on zoning and future land use changes on Tuesday, February 1, at the Escambia County Central Office Complex at 3363 West Park Street.

Picture above: Zone changes are proposed for the parcels marked in red. Shown below: Public notice signs. Graphic/Photo by Click to enlarge.


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