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tell us something about yourself

I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am a Wyoming Department of Revenue accredited chartered accountant and have received over 400 hours of tax training.

I am currently President of the Wyoming County Assessors Association. I have over 30 years of local government experience in Sweetwater County. I started issuing license plates in the Treasurer’s office in 1991 and am now completing my first term as Assessor of Sweetwater County.

I was hired as chief deputy assessor in 2012, appointed to complete Pat Drinkle’s term in February 2018, and then elected by voters in November 2018. It has been quite a long journey which has given me experience in taxation and valuation not many people have. I believe all of this experience allows me to sit down with a taxpayer and explain the entire cycle… from property appraisal and appraisal to tax processing and distribution. I really enjoy helping taxpayers understand our assessment/taxation process.

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The rating numbers tabulated by the assessor are reviewed annually by the Wyoming Department of Revenue and the Wyoming State Board of Equalization. The assessor must meet all legal requirements for the mean, median, coefficient of variation and price-related difference. The assessor must also be a permanently sworn tax assessor. In addition to reviewing statistical requirements, the Wyoming Department of Treasury audits assessment practices within the district each year to ensure each assessor meets International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) standards and Treasury Department regulations. Our assets have always been certified and our audits have always been clean.

What do you think are the most important issues in your candidacy and how will you address them?

The biggest problem right now is misinformation. My opponent is campaigning in the belief that a land grant patent will exempt property from tax lists. He is currently using this argument against his own properties. He sued me last year alleging that his property was exempt because he was a “sovereign citizen,” and the lawsuit was dismissed, appealed, and dismissed again.

He is now appealing locally, claiming his property is exempt after filing a Land Grant patent. His argument was tested in another county and failed at the local level and again at the state equalization board. It is one thing to walk this path as an individual, but it is irresponsible to encourage others to do the same.

If this exception argument were valid, everyone in Wyoming would already be exempt. No one wants to pay taxes, but we do because those taxes provide education for the children of the community, health and public safety for all residents, even those who claim to be sovereign citizens, road maintenance, and other things we rely on in depend on our daily life.

I am trying to explain to the public that filing this document does NOT exempt your property from tax. If you don’t pay your taxes, you lose your property. Please remember that the assessor does not set guidelines or arbitrarily grant exceptions. The appraiser follows the Wyoming Constitution and Wyoming statutes to value all property fairly and equitably.

How can voters contact you?

Voters can reach me at [email protected], Dave Divis on Facebook, or the Assessor’s Office at 307-872-3700.

I am happy to answer questions on this or any other subject at the Sweetwater County Courthouse Assessor’s Office. I would encourage all voters on the fence to talk to your friends and neighbors, double check my qualifications and make an informed decision. Vote to keep Divis as assessor.

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