County commercial tax surcharge issue in November vote


STEVE SMITH • [email protected]

Since the Laclede County Commission decided to place an issue on the November vote to lower the county surtax, the issue has been widely debated across the county. Advocates of a tax cut say it would ease the burden on county businesses and boost economic development, while some tax-supported entities say it could hurt their ability to provide services. If voters approve, the issue would raise the county’s commercial real estate surcharge on all commercial, commercial, railroad and all other real estate that isn’t residential or farm real estate from $1.03 per $100 appraised valuation to $0.51 per 100 USD Estimated Valuation Effective September 1, 2023. Presiding Commissioner Randy Angst said the issue first arose when the commissioners heard from a local business owner. “A person in the business community approached us to look at the surcharge in Laclede County versus the surcharge in an adjacent county where she owned property, and she was curious. That’s about where it started, and then over the course of a couple of weeks, that discussion evolved into a discovery,” he said. “Some research was done and eventually the commission decided to let the people of Laclede County decide, so that’s on the vote in November.” For more on that story, see Saturday’s LCR.


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