City of Jackson is selling land to developers near Optimist Park


JACKSON, Michigan – The City of Jackson sold a property at 915 N. West Ave between Burger King and Optimist Park for $ 1.5 million to a developer in Indianapolis.

“We are very pleased that the funds from this property sale can be used to redevelop the park. It’s not every day that we receive funding to rehabilitate one of our parks, ”said Aaron Dimick, Public Information Officer.

The city sold the land to Brendan O’Hara of Absolute Net Properties after discovering it was being used as a city park but was never officially declared parkland.

“When something is officially set up as a park, it’s very difficult not to make it a park. We do this because we want to preserve the integrity of the park and to ensure that it is preserved for park use. When considering how the park could possibly be redesigned and how we could perhaps accommodate commercial development, it was determined that certain pieces of land owned by the city could be turned over for redevelopment, ”said Dimick.

The city says this is a great opportunity to remodel a park that is not being used as much as others in the area.

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

“We just have one strange situation here where we have official park lots and then the adjacent land was either built as a residential area or never as a park. The other half of the ball field belongs to the True Community Credit Union. That will go away. The country is going back to them and they will do what they want with it, ”said Dimick.

The park is being reduced in size.

You can still play basketball there. They will tear down the current courtyard, which is directly on the street, to make room for the new buildings. The City Park Authority is planning to build a new courtyard away from the street with a new playground.

“We don’t always have the opportunity to make such improvements in one of our parks and give it a new use. From the point of view of the city and hopefully also from the point of view of the residents, it will be exciting that we can improve this park for the community, ”said Dimick.

City officials say it will be positive if this developer takes advantage of this area.

North West Avenue and Argyle

Joe Gebhardt, WSYM, 2021

“The developer tells us that up to 45 full-time positions will be created. That’s good to see. It’s good that we can have a project like this that is good for business development, ”said Dimick.

O’Hara did not respond to a request for comment.

The schedule for the start of construction is currently unclear as it depends on the construction schedule of the commercial property.

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