Beaver Dam wants to add a park on Madison Street | Government & Politics


The ARPA funds would be used to complete the assessment and advance the next steps in the CDBG-CV application process.

Councilor Dave Hansen asked if the property owner was bound by the appraisal. Schacht said the owner was under no obligation to sell the property but said, “I think we are all working in good faith.”

After lengthy discussion by council members, the council approved the hiring of MSA Professional Services to provide acquisition services and appraisals related to the acquisition of rights of way through the city of Madison Street parcel for an estimated total fee of $ 18,000 provided by ARPA funds, previously approved by the Management Committee. The funds for the acquisition of the property are made dependent on the receipt of the CDBG-CV funds.

The roll call vote was 12-2, with Councilors Ken Anderson and Mick Fischer voting no.

The Beaver Dam Common Council will be held on January 19 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 205 S. Lincoln Ave.

Glewen said residents are encouraged to attend, especially those with low to middle income, to learn about the program, to help identify additional community development needs, and to comment on the proposed activities that will be included in the CBDG application should.


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