Atlanta’s Pullman Yards is making efforts to be more energy efficient


The construction of the opportunity has recently been completed.

ATLANTA – Atlanta’s Pullman Yards has a new and greener look.

Mayor Andre Dickens announced Tuesday that construction on the historic property is complete.

In partnership with Invest Atlanta and Ygrene, the property secured nearly $4 million in retrospective financing to allow the property to make energy-efficient improvements — and make way for other greener options.

Work on the property is testament to a City of Atlanta program approved five years ago, the mayor said. According to a city press release, the program provides financing for building improvements in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The property is currently home to the immersive Imagine Picasso experience and is known for hosting other pop-up concerts and art exhibitions.

Pullman Yards used the funding for a new roof and insulation for one of its buildings, the city said. Such funds will help owners recoup their costs of reinvesting in future upgrades such as energy-efficient plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical systems and LED lighting, according to a press release.

“The ability to retroactively fund nearly $4 million in construction costs has allowed us to reinvest even more in our local community and continue to develop Pullman Yards as a cultural asset and economic engine for Atlanta,” said Maureen Muelen, owner of Pullman Meter. “This partnership between Invest Atlanta and Ygrene is a game changer for commercial real estate owners like us and an incredible opportunity for every Atlanta company to do their part to help the city meet its climate and energy goals.”

Atlanta passed a resolution in 2017 that directs city operations to achieve 100% clean energy communitywide by 2025 and later by 2035.

Read more about Atlanta’s commitment to clean energy here.


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