Atlanta Housing agrees to settlement with developer to signal end of years-long legal battle


The Atlanta Housing Authority will be given control of 19 acres.

The agency and Integral will jointly develop an additional eight acres of land on the former Carver Homes site into “mixed-income housing with a strong affordability component,” the estate said. And seven acres near Capitol Gateway will remain as parking lots.

“The settlement now paves the way for us to return to work in our hometown and re-establish our productive partnership with AH,” said Egbert Perry, Integral’s CEO, in a statement following the vote. He thanked Mayor Andre Dickens for “his urging and guidance” to settle the dispute.

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Over two decades ago, Integral worked with the city to build housing on top of the former council housing.

But the partnership hit a snag in 2013, leading to a heated argument between then-mayor Kasim Reed and Perry over who would control and build on the remaining vacant land. Their conflict led to a series of court cases that began in 2017.

A settlement proposed in 2020 would have ceded control of the agency’s entire country to Integral for $22 million, and the AHA would have paid Perry’s $1.8 million in legal fees. But the Agencies Committee turned down the deal after being told the units were still too expensive for the agency’s low-income residents.

Both parties had been preparing for a trial that was due to begin in March – until Dickens announced in early February that his office had helped negotiate the latest agreement. The AH Board gave the settlement framework its informal stamp of approval that night.

“I might have lost that bet if you had told me we would reach a final agreement six weeks into the new government,” board member Robert Highsmith said during the new session.

The deal now goes to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, which must give the deal the green light before it goes into effect.


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