Announcement of the public hearing January 12, 2022



It is announced that the Reading City Hearing Committee will hold public hearings on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. on the following matters. The public can attend these hearings virtually and by telephone. A meeting room can be made available upon request at City Hall, 815 Washington St., Reading PA 19601 for the public to view or attend the hearings, subject to the following pre-registration requirements.

Members of the public wishing to attend or attend public hearings must email in advance by Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 4:00 p.m., stating their name, address, telephone number and email address log in to the zoning administrator [email protected] or by phone at (610) 655-6505.

To join from a computer, smartphone, or tablet: Open the Zoom app or navigate to, and then enter the meeting ID (984-6073-3287) and passcode (815125).

To join by phone: Call (301) 715-8592 or (646) 558-8656, then enter the meeting ID (984-6073-3287) and passcode (815125).


  • Appeal No. 2021-32 – 272 Bartlett St. (UPI 18530659749624)
  • Appeal No. 2021-33 – 1029 Buttonwood St. (UPI 11531761028506)
  • Appeal No. 2021-34 – 323 St. Bernardine St. (UPI 18530619625456)
  • Appeal No. 2021-35 – 216 Lancaster Ave. (UPI 18530650652289)

Hearings will be held on the following matters:

  • Calling # 2020-16 – 1403 Chester St. (UPI 19530737063667) O’Neill & O’Neill Partnership (record owner) requests an extension of the deadline.
  • Appeal No. 2021-36 – 1300 Carbon St. (UPI 19530738163576): Jeremiah Castro-Ortiz is looking for a dimensional variance to place an 11’13 ‘high shed in the back yard that exceeds the maximum allowable height of 10’. The property is located in the residential district R-2.
  • Complaint No. 2021-37 – 936 n.11that st. (UPI 13531745150428): Hilcias Nunez-Martinez is looking for a dimensional variance for the construction of surface parking spaces that exceeds the maximum permissible impenetrable surface. The property is located in the R-3 Residential Zoning District.
  • Appeal No. 2021-38 – 150 W. Douglass St. (UPI 15530757540594): Daniel Herrera strives for a deviation in order to convert an existing outbuilding into one (1) studio apartment, or alternatively wishes a deviation from the ban on residential use in outbuildings and the associated requirements. The property is located in the R-3 Residential Zoning District.
  • Calling No. 2021-39 – 1541 Montgomery St. (UPI 19439712962838): Holy Trinity Church of God (record owner) applies for a special permit to build a place of worship at 1541 Montgomery Street and a deviation from the maximum number of uses per property. The applicant also requests a derogation from certain provisions that restrict development in areas with steep slopes. The property in question is located in the R-3 Residential Zoning District, the Steep Slopes Overlay District and the Floodplain Overlay Zone.
  • Complaint # 2021-40 – 100 p. 4that st. (UPI 05530626792516): Dream Ventures PA 1 LLC seeks a deviation, a special exception and / or an associated relief to refurbish an existing commercial building in twenty (20) residential units through equal or less intensive non-compliant use or alternatively adaptive reuse. The property in question is located in the R-3 Residential Zoning District

The above properties are located in the city of Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Complete applications and plans can be viewed at or by contacting the Zoning Office.



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