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Spokesman for borrowers – how and when can he help?

Paying a payday loan is treated as a service. If for some reason it does not meet the borrower’s expectations and he believes that it results from faults of his fault or the client feels cheated, he can, just like any other consumer, file a complaint or, in case of its ineffectiveness, turn to the appropriate state authority. Due to the legal nature of online loans, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection will be this body.

When is the complaint entitled?

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The complaint may be submitted by the customer due to non-compliance of the loan terms with the offer that the lender has presented to us. It can be made in any registered form, preferably in writing, remembering to clearly express your position and use the word complaint. It is not tantamount to giving up the loan, at least at the initial stage, and only allows you to remove any irregularities that arose from it. The lender should remove these shortcomings. If this does not happen and the client does not agree with the company’s policy and feels cheated on some issue, he should turn to a higher instance, such as jenny card.

Case study: preparation fee

We know from the Anti-usury Act that total costs cannot exceed a certain percentage of the loan. Not very honest companies have found a way to do this by charging a preparation fee. By definition, this is a non-returnable fee that the customer must pay for analyzing the loan application and preparing the offer, and this is not a legally prohibited fee. Usually, small companies reach for them, which attract future borrowers with payday loans and payday loans, which means that more people submit their applications there, but some of them withdraw from the loan agreement after some consideration, without getting a refund. This is not too problematic as long as the fee is not high and does not represent a significant part of the costs.

This practice is condemned by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – this office even undertakes independent actions in this respect. There is a well-known case from a few years ago, when a certain fine, no longer existing on the market, was imposed for a too high preparation fee. jenny card found that these fees were not proportional to the cost incurred by the company for the preparation of the loan agreement. According to the office, this fee is to reflect only real costs and cannot be set at one level. So if we find a company that uses such a fee and we think it is too high, it is worth contacting the local jenny card spokesperson.

Where to go in the event of a dispute with a loan institution?

Where to go in the event of a dispute with a loan institution?

The jenny card spokesman is a widespread institution and appears locally – it falls on every municipal or poviat office. In addition to him, there are other institutions that deal with violations of consumer rights. These are: the Consumer Federation, the Association of Polish Consumers and local organizations conducting amicable settlement of disputes. Most often it is an amicable consumer court operating at the branches of the Trade Inspection, however, requiring the consent of both parties to the conflict.