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Fast loans without guarantees – The loan for me

Can a person without a guarantee get a quick loan? This is one of the most common questions among those looking for a fairly urgent amount of money. In fact, as we know, banks and financial institutions tend not to grant loans to people who know they have no guarantee available.

So how do you get a loan when you have an urgent need for money, but no collateral is available?

First of all, mind you that if you don’t have a paycheck or a pension as a guarantee, you could still claim a fixed income every month from the bank, as could for example be the maintenance check or the payment of a rent. Secondly, if you do not even have one of these types of collateral available to you and if you do not have assets to pledge or guarantors who are willing to sign for you, then you can always resort to particular types of Quick Loans without collateral.

Types of loans without guarantees

  • Some types of unsecured loans are those between private individuals. Online you can also find offers of loans between private parties even without collateral: however, always pay attention that it is not a scam and evaluate well what are the interest rates that are affixed, before accepting.
  • Another loan without guarantees, which however is finalized, is the loan of honor. Generally it is a loan that is granted by the State or by the EU to a small-medium enterprise according to the dictates of a specific announcement. It may be useful for an entrepreneur in financial difficulties who falls within the scope of the call for tenders: in this case it may be a loan, for which 60% of the sum is not required to be returned and the remaining 40% will be returned by from time to time according to subsidized repayment plans. Obviously this loan is only granted to people who follow the notice and have all the necessary requirements and is bound to a certain purpose.
  • Loans are the last resort for those looking for fast loans without collateral. The possibility is to ask for up to 20 thousand euros. The duration of the loan varies from 6 to 60 months, just a signature, without having guarantors and guarantees of any kind. Pay attention: the bill is an enforceable title and therefore the bank can act against you without the need for an injunction in the event of default.

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